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About Orthopaedics ACT

Orthopaedics ACT brings together the skill and expertise of:      seven orthopaedic surgeons; a sports and exercise physician; a team of nurses clinically experienced in the area of orthopaedic care ; and an experienced team of medical administrators.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity to discuss your issue with a specialist, decide on a pathway of care, and if that involves surgery - to assist you through the process of getting ready for surgery, including support post-surgery.

We don't just fix bones we fix people.


We're committed to providing

Service, which

Is timely, caring and compassionate.

Provides the opportunity for the patient to communicate.

Promotes healthy outcomes.

Provides care that is effective and based on the best available evidence.

Provides continuity of care.

Through consultation with the patient, leads to assessment, an agreed management process and appropriate care.

Education, for

The patient.

The patient’s carer (if applicable).

The medical community, including referring GP’s and other allied health professionals.

Those entering the surgical field of medicine and orthopaedics.


Which respects individual patient rights for privacy and safety.

Ongoing monitoring
and research which is


Complies to international standards.

Positively influences future industry developments.

Proactive management

Provide an effective system for managing patient data.

Demonstrate effective human resource management.

Provide a safe environment for patients and visitors.


Clinical care

Following surgery you will be required to return to our consulting rooms for medical assistance and review. Some of these appointments may be with our orthopaedically trained and experienced Registered Clinic Nurses: Peta Yorke, or Elaine Sainsbury.

Elaine Sainsbury, Registered Nurse

Elaine Sainsbury, Registered Nurse

Elaine commenced her nursing career in England in 1977.  She has worked in hospitals and private practice. Her focus is on providing practical patient education, genuine support and hands-on care both before and after hospitalisation.

Peta Yorke, Registered Nurse

Peta Yorke, Registered Nurse

Peta began her orthopaedically focused nursing career in Canberra in 1979. She has built her skills in a variety of hospitals both in Australia and internationally. She has held clinical roles in day surgery and recovery. She particularly enjoys her role in patient, staff and industry education.


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