Appointments are by consultation only. To ensure you can obtain the maximum medicare rebate a current referral from a General Practitioner (valid 12 months) or other referring practitioner (valid 3 months) is required.

As a courtesy to other patients wishing to see a surgeon, please let us know if you are unable to make an appointment.

Hours of operation

Our standard office hours are

Monday – Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 2pm

To allow maximum access for our patients some doctors may offer additional consulting times outside of these hours.


This is a private practice and fees are payable at the time of consultation.

Should an operation be deemed the best course of action, you will be provided with an estimate of fees relating to the services to be provided by your surgeon. This does not include charges from the hospital, assistant surgeon or anaesthetist, and you will need to obtain estimates from them.

The cost of surgery includes post operative care, which depending on the procedure could be 6-12 weeks, or until the final post operative examination. These visits may be with our clinic nurse, a physiotherapist or your surgeon.

Test Results

As an integral component of care, you may be required to undertake assessment by another specialist, blood tests, other pathology or imaging. These results will be provided to our practice and integrated into your patient record.

Patient files

To deliver the most appropriate care we are required to capture sufficient information about the patient, reasons for visit, assessment, agreed management process and outcome within our patient management system. This may include a mix of hard copy and digitally stored information.

Workers Compensation Claims

If your consultation relates to a workplace injury you will be required to provide written acceptance of liability from your workers compensation insurance company at the time of consultation, otherwise you will be required to make payment.

If an operation is recommended, you will be provided with an estimate and it will be your responsibility to obtain consent from the insurance company before the operation can be scheduled.

Third Party Requests

Whilst not all surgeons at Orthopaedics ACT provide medico-legal or insurance reports, solicitors, insurance companies and employers that require medical reports are required to lodge their request in writing with a signed information release from you.


Should you have any concerns during your interaction with OrthopaedicsACT staff or our representatives please contact the Practice and Business Manager.