Community Commitment

Each doctor has or currently commits time to support to the local community by committing to a role on the Orthopaedic On Call roster for the Emergency and Trauma Department of the Canberra Hospital

In addition each surgeon has worked with various organisations by donating their time and expertise to travel to remote or third world countries to provide well needed surgical care.

Empowering you

At Orthopaedics ACT we believe that, by educating you and those who will assist you through your surgery and recovery, we empower you to positively influence your surgical outcome.

With this goal in mind we provide:

  • A website with detailed notes and animations of procedures
  • An extensive range of printed handouts
  • A complimentary 2 hour hip and knee joint replacement information session for you and your carer (run every 4 weeks)

Joint Replacement Information Session

Each month our Clinic Nurses, in partnership with administrative staff and orthopaedically experienced physiotherapists, provide a 2-hour briefing for patients scheduled for a hip or knee joint replacement.

The session is divided into three sections:

  • How to prepare before surgery
  • What to expect in hospital
  • How to manage when back at home

In support of our belief that knowledge is empowering we encourage patients to bring along those who will be providing care and support as you prepare and recover from your surgery.

Following the session we offer afternoon tea (sponsored by Calvary John James Hospital) and the opportunity to speak with those present to answer any personal questions.

Our Long Term Commitment

We are committed to working with you long term to ensure you achieve your maximum potential in relation to your new joint replacement. Patients of OrthopaedicsACT are offered the opportunity to participate in a monitoring program called “Joint Replacement Outcomes” (JRO). Via this program we initially establish a benchmark of your mobility pre-surgery against which we compare results post-surgery, at 12 months, and every subsequent 3 years. Apart from the cost of the x-ray and any subsequent visits, this review service is free to our patients. Participation can save you considerable time and money whilst providing the comfort of knowing that your surgeon and his team are continuing to take an active interest in your joint health.

Initially we ask that you complete a survey at the time of booking your surgery. Then at each of the key milestone dates our JRO Team members will make contact and send a further survey and x-ray referral form. Once these are returned they are reviewed and the results sent to you and your referring GP. If everything looks good, you need not do anything further until the next key milestone. If we note anything of concern you will be contacted and either referred to your GP or asked to come in and meet with your surgeon. In some instances this process has allowed us to identified and rectified little issues before they developed into something serious.

Whilst these questionnaires are currently provided in hard copy, an online option is well under development.