OrthopaedicsACT brings together the skill and expertise of seven orthopaedic surgeons, covering all orthopaedic subspecialty areas including management of Trauma. Working together, they are committed to providing surgical excellence to patients in partnership with referring GPs and other allied health providers.

At OrthopaedicsACT we are committed to providing:

Service, which

  • Is timely, caring and compassionate
  • Provides the opportunity for the patient to communicate
  • Promotes healthy outcomes
  • Provides care that is effective and based on best available evidence
  • Provides continuity of care
  • In consultation with the patient, leads to assessment, an agreed management process and appropriate care

Education, for

  • The patient
  • The patients’ carer (if applicable)
  • The medical community, including referring GPs and other allied health professionals
  • Those entering the surgical field of medicine and orthopaedics

Privacy, with respect for

  • Individual patient rights, privacy and safety

Ongoing monitoring and research, which is

  • Accessible
  • Complies to international standards
  • Positively influences future industry developments

Proactive Management, which

  • Provides an effective system for managing patient data
  • Demonstrates effective human resource management
  • Provides a safe environment for patients and visitors